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KN95 Safety Respirator Masks - Healthcare, Dust, Virus Protection N95/P2 10 Pack

$26.00 CAD$29.50 CAD


Individually wrapped KN95 respirator masks for safety, health and protection. *One package = 10 masks

1 - 10 packs (10 masks/pack) $29.50 CAD
11 - 50 packs (10 masks/pack) $28.81 CAD
51 - 99 packs (10 masks/pack) $27.80 CAD
100 - 1000 packs (10 masks/pack) $26.00 CAD

More quantities? For distributor quantities over 10,000 masks please contact for pricing and delivery arrangements.

Fast International Shipping


We are currently seeing unprecedented demand and are filling backorders as new inventory arrives. New stock is arriving weekly. Carton size orders 1000 masks or more can be filled factory direct, this may speed up delivery time, however International Airfreight is the hold-up in filling all orders. Current estimated delivery time to customer on all new orders is 2 weeks.

Although, shipping/delivery time may be a concern, it has not been improving. If you require immediate inventory, I would still encourage you to get some ordered and the shipping process started, while you are locating your immediate needs.

In-stock - Ships in 2 business days

High Quality Filtering

Multi-layered safety masks are made from non-woven materials exceeding FDA, ISO and CE CNAS standards for North America, Europe, China, Australia/New Zealand. 

Up to 95% filter performance efficiency with a flow rate of 85L/min.

Use for healthcare, woodworking, painting, food preparation and services, janitorial, laboratory, manufacturing, welding and any application with dust, pollutants or airborne material.

Technical Specifications

How to use

Please ensure the respirator is in new undamaged condition before using. It is very important that the wearer read and understand the following information before use.

  1. The respirator will be packed flat – open the respirator carefully into a cup shape.
  2. Place the respirator on the face with cupped side towards the face, the metal nose piece across the nose and the elastic loops around the ears.
  3. Using both hands pinch / mold the nose piece around the nose to ensure a tight fit around the nose.
  4. Using both hands adjust the respirator for a comfortable fit.
  5. Replace respirator every four hours.
  6. Each time the user enters a contaminated area the seal must be fit tested.
  7. In an emergency, manual self fit test as follows: Cover front of respirator by cupping both hands and INHALE SHARPLY. A negative pressure should be felt inside the respirator. If ANY leakage is detected at respirator edges, using both hands, adjust straps and / or reposition the respirator. Repeat until sealed otherwise do not enter the contaminated area and report to your supervisor. Entry into a contaminated area with an improper fit may results in sickness or death. 

This product does not protect against gases or where Oxygen levels are below 17%. Do not enter spaces when concentrations or contaminants are unknown or dangerous to life. Leave the work area if distress or dizziness occurs. Do not alter or modify the product in any way. Facial hair may render this product as ineffective.

NOTE: The TABLE set out on the front of this packaging is a limited extract from a published 3rd party document offered as information provided in good faith & is NOT intended to be interpreted as a full technical brief. Purchasers and users are required to conduct their own research as to the suitability of this product for the particular application, threats and environment they are seeking to address / remedy / mitigate or avoid.

This limited warranty is made in lieu of the warranties of merchantability, fitness for particular purposes, and all other warranties, express or implied. There are no other warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Exclusive Remedies: damages for the breach of this limited warranty are limited to replacement, or full refund of monies paid, of such quantity of this product provided, that is proved to be defectively manufactured. Except as provided above, neither Leaning Chair Inc, Prairie Air nor its distributor shall be liable or responsible for any loss, damage, or liability, direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential, arising out of the sale, use or misuse, or the inability to use products by the user.